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“We needed to expand our invsetment in technology to reach a larger audience. It was impractical for us to address these needs in house; we simply did not have the experience. Muscovy restructred our infrastructure and developed a web based system that has attracted customers world wide. They are thorough, cost conscious and have made a significant impact on the profitability of our business.


Search Engine Optimization from IT Consultants

Not Being Found on Search Engines?

Are you are looking for better listings on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages)? Can't be found or are not placing like you should on search engines? We can evaluate your website, discuss your marketing needs and put together a custom marketing plan to suit your needs.

Search engine optimization:
How can it help your website be found?

Improving the volume and quality of the traffic brought to your site through "natural" or "organic" listings, as well as attaining high ranking, is the goal of search engine optimization.

On-page search engine optimization is an essential element of your search marketing campaign. In considering how search engines crawl sites and what the end user (people) search for, I will put together an on-page seo strategy to meet your marketing needs, improve your listings and increase visibility.

On-page seo may involve the website's code, fixing problems that may prevent the site from being indexed, keyword density research, improving navigation and over-all site readability by search engines (bots, crawlers, spiders), while maintaining an intelligent, informative site for your viewers.
We discuss what you are looking for in a campaign and recommend what will work best for you in creating visiblity, traffic and the best ROI!

Get Started Today!

It takes time to "get listed" on search engines. For a new website it can take months before your site is indexed. Get started today to get a jump on your listing results and rank. By optimizing your website from the beginning, when your site is indexed by search engines, it will already be set up to provide you with a better chance at higher listings, than if you had decided not to optimize.


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