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Computer Networking Support Geared for Small Business

Managed IT outsourcing makes good sense for small business. When you work with Muscovy of Denver, you work with trusted, professional IT consultants who:

  • Provide peace of mind knowing that a comprehensive, proactive IT support and service plan is in place to protect and repair your networks and systems round the clock;
  • Bring depth and breadth of technical skills supported by state-of-the-art systems and processes that a single IT person cannot match;
  • Offer predictable, fixed cost IT support options that fit and maintain your budget;
  • Minimize risks to your profits from loss of productivity, expensive staff and out of control costs;
  • Deliver measurable value utilizing both remote and onsite support and service.

Small and medium sized businesses (SMB) are required to staff for all of their possible technical service needs on a limited budget. The challenge is that most SMB’s require part-time IT support for a broad spectrum of needs. Traditionally hiring managers are forced to choose;

Hire a strong technician and struggle through architectural, budgetary and strategic decisions or;

Hire a highly trained, potent resource and accept that most of their service time will be spent in the minutia of daily operations

Either way the company over pays. Architectural and strategic considerations have the greatest impact of the financial impact and longevity of technology investment but the IT support and maintenance services require the most time. Either the SMB over pays in salary by having a strong lead constantly being pulled into low-value activities or over-pays in perpetually recovering from the decisions of a technician without the business acumen to consider the entirety of the enterprise in developing the technology investment strategy.

A successful model for SMB’s comes from matching the right resource to the right task…for the right amount of service time. The Muscovy system matches the amount of time needed for each discipline to a resource best suited for the task. This allows our IT customers to be confident in the longevity and survivability of their technology investment without the overhead of staffing up on expensive employees.

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