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“We needed to expand our invsetment in technology to reach a larger audience. It was impractical for us to address these needs in house; we simply did not have the experience. Muscovy restructred our infrastructure and developed a web based system that has attracted customers world wide. They are thorough, cost conscious and have made a significant impact on the profitability of our business.


Telephony IT Consulting

Telephony Services Denver, IP Telophoney, VoIP DenverWhether your business is looking for increased communication functionality, cost reduction or to simply ensure the completion of customer and employee telephone calls in the event of an emergency, Muscovy's innovative business-class voice, Internet and disaster recovery solutions can help. Please contact us today to have one of our Denver IT consultants explain how our solutions can help your business reduce costs while improving your communications systems effectiveness.


IP Telephony (VoIP)

One of the latest catch-phrases in the industry today is “VoIP” … which stands for “Voice Over Internet Protocol” ... but don’t let the fancy words confuse you. When people talk about “VoIP” or “IP Telephony”, they are really just talking about making their telephone calls over the internet. The major benefits of using “VoIP” include enhancing your employees’ productivity, reduce ongoing expenses, and gaining the efficiencies of a unified network. Applied Tech’s VoIP services will help your business evolve to the next generation of converged communication services. Let us show you how “VoIP” may be just the tool to give you the leading edge over your competition.


Information Technology Management & Consulting