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“We needed to expand our invsetment in technology to reach a larger audience. It was impractical for us to address these needs in house; we simply did not have the experience. Muscovy restructred our infrastructure and developed a web based system that has attracted customers world wide. They are thorough, cost conscious and have made a significant impact on the profitability of our business.


Disaster Recovery Service

A study conducted at the University of Texas found that 94% of companies that experienced a major loss of computer data closed within two years of the disaster.

firedriveAccording to a recent Touche Ross study, the survival rate for companies without a disaster recovery plan is less than 10%

Often because of a lack of in-house support and no documented procedures, small businesses are particularly vulnerable to computer security risks. Muscovy Technology Group Denver offers fully managed, comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery solutions to help small business minimize their risk from unforeseen failures including data corruptiong, hardware failures, fire damage, attack, theft and even human error.

Minimize risk, maximize peace of mind

Muscovy Technology Groups’ comprehensive managed backup and disaster recovery service delivers peace of mind knowing that your company’s critical business data is protected and available 24/7. Our data recovery service offers:

  • A proven, 27 point, indepth, enterprise wide disaster preparedness planning process
  • A complete data backup solution that allows near real-time backups as frequently as every 15 minutes;
  • Mitigated down time with server virtualization to get your business back in business in hours,,,not days.
  • Affordable offsite, digital storage with multi-year archiving
  • Backup and archive data encryption to further protect the data
  • Enterprise-grade risk management

This is all for one low, predictable monthly fee.


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